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Team Rarotonga

I'm quite proud of this team. We accomplished a lot in the week we were in Rarotonga and when we returned home, Newshub ran a story on us for photographing realistic-looking women.

One of my favorite memories in Rarotonga is driving around a tropical island with my business partner Jared in a convertible VW we had each. We had them for free and were staying in a beach house that was $1800 per night. That was also free. The perks of being a photography can be awesome.


Below the video is the write up that accompanied the news story. We made the 6pm peak time news, one of the newspapers in Rarotonga and the Stuff news pages.

I organised the trip with a couple of friends when some friendly banter became reality. We often have Sunday clubs when models, photographers and other fashion creatives hang out and create together. One of the photographers Peter Blaxter mentioned going to Rarotonga. I think he was joking but my good buddy Paul Maka-Kea and I said ok.

We ended up collaborating with multiple hotels, a beach house, a car rental company, a chef, members of the Pacific Sisters. This was all accomplished with just under twenty members of our collaborative group The Fashion Creative.

Special thanks to the help of Florence Syme Buchanan.


Bottom - A photograph featured in an article from when I shot the NZ Amateur Pole Performer Competition that made the front page of the Chronicle and Stuff.


Most of the work you see is in front of the camera. Now take a look behind it.

A day in the life - Videos

Les Folies de L'armour

Behind the scenes video of the  collaboration with Wellington burlesque dance troupe Les Folies de L'armour. 

Organised by photographer Dan Horne, we headed down to their dance studio in Plimmer Steps to capture the excitement that is burlesque.

To see more of Dans work follow this link

For more about the dance group head over to their facebook page

Team Rarotonga

A behind the scenes video of a trip I co-organised to Rarotonga with several members of The Fashion Creative Collaborative Group.

We were lucky enough to shoot with multiple hotel resorts, a luxury holiday home including their exquisite chef, a rental car chain and members of the Pacific Sisters group.

The Palmerston North Collaboration

I've got quite a few creative friends in the Manuwatu region. For the last few years, at least once a year some of us travel from Wellington to go and work with them.

In the most recent year photographer Karla Karaitiana hosted an event in which we were lucky enough to have a couple of models from Embrace Model Management among many other professionals.

I thoroughly enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of chilled out creatives. Long gone are my nerves.

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