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Shonty Rogan
Jun 4

Marina - Old Phuket



I enjoyed this night hanging out with Marina in Old Phuket. It was this night that I got to know her despite the many other times we had been around each other. She has a different modelling style than I am used to it's quite adoptive and intentional. And fast. As you can see, this is not your conventional pose but I dig it. I even got to put the hat on her face as a laugh and to me it works. I remember laughing and her yelling "Take the fucking photo!" coz she couldn't stay on pose for that long. She didn't care about getting dressed in the middle of the street. Lying on her back in the gutter. Sitting on the floor in an ice cream parlor. Or arguing with me. I like her. She's cool.


Model - Marina Voronova

MUA - Mickeys Mark

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  • Shonty Rogan
    Jun 19

    Aimee Renee is a makeup artist, a model, and a mum of two. She likes reggae music and her uncle owns a juice business in the Kapiti Coast. I started calling her Aimskeez for some reason and now Skeez just comes out of my mouth. We met each other on Star Now and decided to work together. Working with her is like hanging out with my favorite cousin. She's good company and we can give each other shit. Here we are shooting on a rooftop in downtown CBD, Wellington. Model - Aimee Renee Shoes - Aeon Infinitas
  • Shonty Rogan
    Jun 13

    I met Nicole months before this shoot. We were chatting over facebook messenger. She is the designer at Forgotten Lockett and I wanted to photograph the coat that she had made. At the time I didn't know she was also a model. In fact I had no idea what she looked like at all, I just thought her clothes were cool. Fast forward a few months and someone tells me she is the girl on the TV programme NZ's top designer or something like that. (I don't watch TV). Cool, she's out there doing it. Kudos. Then I find out she is the model in some of her designer photos. Now I think she really has her shit together and when I finally met her she did. Here she is when we hired out a bach in Napier when I went up with my crew from The Fashion Creative for the weekend. She was one of the local models I got to shoot that day. We had a blast shooting together. We both agreed we will shoot again one day. What a shame we live so far apart. Model - Nicole Nirvana Fashion - Forgotten Lockett
  • Shonty Rogan
    Jun 7

    She just looks like the person in charge here. Like, any alpha male doesn't stand a chance. Model - Eskdar Admasu