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Shonty Rogan
Jun 6

The Showers



I had made an arrangement with the owners of this beach house in Rarotonga to shoot the house in exchange for my friends and I staying in it for a few nights. It was $1800 per night otherwise.. Aramoana on the beach was it's name. It had these showers in the house that had no roof so you could see the sky. The gigantic leafy plants sat in stone bowls with large wooden varnished planks holding the vanities. I had a group of my model friends with me and we decided to shoot the girls topless in the shower.


I think the photo speaks for itself. Get it girls!


Sadly since we left, an arsonist has destroyed the house. It will always be in my memories along with the people who hosted us.




Models (left to right) - Manuela Antonia Astorga-Da Costa, Hannah Milson, Donne Tesfaye, Lourissa Setu, Arelle Hug

Location - Aramoana on the beach

Lighting Assistant - Michael Williams

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  • Shonty Rogan
    Jun 6

    I used to be a dancer in a former life. A hip hop one, and I was lucky enough to travel the country and get paid to do it. That was a long time ago when I could spin on my head and bop like a mofo. I met Zoe when I shot Les Folies De L'amour burlesque dance group with my good friend Dan Horne. Somehow Dan and I managed to cram all our photography gear into an elevator, that was a fun game of Tetris. I remember walking in and all the girls were sitting on the floor doing their makeup. Zoe and Rebecca stood up and came to say hello. They were very welcoming. They told me how long they had been dancing which seemed to be all their lives. They loved to dance and you could tell. They smiled the entire time we were there. A few months later Zoe contacted me asking to shoot again and we came up with this concept with a design made by my makeup artist/designer friend Erin Kelly. Zoe is full of passionate expression. Comfortable in her nature, bursting with life. She is now shimmying the night away in London. I'm lucky enough to be going to Mexico with her next year to create more art. Model - Zoe Kee-Sue Designer - Deranged Fashions HMUA - Bookme Makeup Artist - Erin Kelly.
  • Shonty Rogan
    Jun 6

    He had just won the Nabba bodybuilding championships. It was a stepping stone for him on his journey to go professional. He invited me over for breakfast in a beautiful mansion where he stayed in Belmont. I knew I had the right house when I saw his black BMW out the front. The tomatoes, avocados, eggs, feta and sliced toast were placed delicately around the plate and I didn't want to touch it and ruin it's presentation. The house was quiet and I could see the landscaped gardens through the large windows that made the walls. He insisted I start eating before he left the dining room to cook his own. He had a superman bathrobe on and slippers. Mohammed was such a friendly guy. I met him at a dinner that one of the models I know invited me to. She had met him at the gym and during that dinner he asked if I could take photos of him one day and I said yes. I learnt a lot about him over breakfast. He could speak Arabic, Chinese and English. He had a black belt in Zen Do Kai, had missed only a few days of the gym in ten years and was a few weeks away from obtaining his engineering degree here in New Zealand. The he had to go back home to Saudi Arabia. I was inspired by him. He was in his mid twenties and had done so much with his life. I don't think we will see each other again but I am happy our paths crossed. Model - Mohammed Alhakeem.
  • Shonty Rogan
    Apr 26

    What an amazing tan she has. It's all natural. She told me she gets burnt once and then she's sweet after that. She doesn't even need sun block and she can sit in the sun for ages. Sun kissed skin looks massive. Jealous much. Model - Donne Tesfaye MUA - Mickeys Mark