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Shonty Rogan
Jun 7




I could talk about Olivia for ages. She's around so much she's part of the furniture. She has the perfect face for portraits and she plays guitar which we are looking after while she travels Europe. What an amazing sound.


Model - Olivia Tilyard

MUA - Emma Hopkins

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  • Shonty Rogan
    Jun 19

    I always smile when I think about Piimio. Her wild, rebellious, lively, passionate self. She's honest. I enjoy knowing where I stand with her and she will never hide how she is feeling, she will just be. Like in this photo. I can hear her talking, and every sentence starts with "Oi". Like "Oi Shontz, look at this. Mum gave us some fejoas!"She's got a husky voice that sounds brilliant when she sings Valerie. Piimio is an actress. One of the many that I know but with her, I do believe she will go far. She's got the drive to make it and I've seen her acting. It's real. I still have a friendship bracelet on that she gave me in Rarotonga over a year ago. It was to say thank you, I guess for being me. I've never taken it off. I'd be more than happy to tell everyone about the time I met her and the story about the hot chocolate. But, I can feel her rolling her eyes already. hahaha. She will probably remind me of when she kicked me in the head and broke my glasses:) Love you Piims. Model - Piimio Mei
  • Shonty Rogan
    Jun 19

    Mathilde is the french girl I met in a cafe. I remember she asked if I was a professional and I said "No". I like being the underdog and to be honest I don't make my primary living off photography. I could if I shot weddings and family portraits but fuck that. I would get so bored. I guess that's how I know I'm a fashion photographer because I do get a kick out of it. I love the color of her sweater and her eyes. The movement in her hair. Model - Mathilde Ferreria MUA - Maia Wickens
  • Shonty Rogan
    Jun 19

    I didn't get to know Saraya. She was very quiet. I think for a moment she opened up enough for me to snap this pic before we went our own ways again. Thank you for that. Model - Saraya Mepham MUA - Ania Scott Butterflies - House of Em