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Shonty Rogan
Jun 4




We are at a beach called Black Rocks in Rarotonga. The water is about a foot deep and AJ can just skim across the water floating with the current. I'm standing holding my camera in the air and I can't see the view finder coz I'm holding it up over her hoping my angle is good. Turns out it was.


One of the other photographers Maggie is there putting the flowers in the right places and as the water takes them away, we run after them and place them just so. The water is slightly cold and the sun is going down. Some tourists are walking past on the beach with their coats on. I like how the local kids are pretending that they have to be sitting on the rock beside us. This photo is awesome to me.


Model - Ashleigh-Jane Cole

MUA - Mickeys Mark


New Posts
  • Shonty Rogan
    Aug 21

    I'm a little bit envious of Marina. We flew to China earlier this year from New Zealand and she managed to sleep the entire trip. It was an eleven hour flight. That's just awesome. Model - Marina Voronova HMUA - Mickeys Mark Dress - House of Em Beaded Top - Galina Efremova
  • Shonty Rogan
    Aug 19

    A friend of mine said "Land of the long white cloud" when they saw this photo. What a fitting statement. Mikayla loves this pic, and that makes me happy. Model - Mikayla Rose
  • Shonty Rogan
    Jun 19

    Olivia and I asked the caretaker if he could being the horse closer to us in the hope we could get it in a photo with her. We were at a wildlife park called Staglands. He grabs a clump of grass and gives it to us. That's all it took and the horse came right up close. Right above the horse and Olivia was a skylight that diffused the light as if it was studio lighting. I was shooting with a Sony A7riii which makes it quite difficult to screw up the exposure but my timing was bang on catching the right movement by both models. As if they are communicating. Model - Olivia Tilyard MUA - Vanessa Forlong