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Shonty Rogan
Jun 6

Mikayla Rose

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Edited: Jun 6


I like her name.


I had talked to her several times before but never met her in person. When I did finally meet her I was half asleep with my feet up on the dashboard parked on the road in the dark somewhere in Hastings. This was her hood. It was 5:30 in the morning and I was thinking it was a dumb idea to shoot so early. But it was my dumb idea.


We had planned to drive to the top of Te Mata Peak in Havelock North for the sunrise. I couldn't make her out in the dark as she got in the car but she was amused on how relaxed I had made myself while she got ready. We got to chatting in the car and it felt like I'd known her for ages. She reminded me of my close friend Vanessa, a makeup artist back in Wellington. It was overcast with fog covering the fields giving off that mysterious vibe. As we approached the top of the mountain the haze cleared and the colours of a faint morning sky started to show. That crisp morning breeze was apparent and as I approached the fence all I could see on the other side was clouds covering the world below.


I convinced her to jump over the fence in bare feet, a small dress in the cold. We had met a jogger who was happy to hold the light stand and our UE Boom while we shot. I put up a strobe light to match the sun and when it peaked over the clouds that was us. We were in our element.


Mikayla did her thing and I did mine.


Model - Mikayla Rose

Shonty Rogan
Jun 6


Behind the scenes - Mikaylas Snapchat

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    Aug 21

    I'm a little bit envious of Marina. We flew to China earlier this year from New Zealand and she managed to sleep the entire trip. It was an eleven hour flight. That's just awesome. Model - Marina Voronova HMUA - Mickeys Mark Dress - House of Em Beaded Top - Galina Efremova
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    Jun 19

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