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Mid to full length indoor and studio portraits

Shonty Rogan
Aug 19

We rented out this book a bach in Napier when some friends and I drove up from Wellington to shoot the Hawkes Bay models. In the lounge was this retro lamp and all the other tidbits seemed to fit the
Shonty Rogan
Jun 6

This image is so powerful. I can actually feel the story in it. I love that my friends can adapt so quickly to an environment. I shot more than 40 portraits the day I took this. Each of them taking no
Shonty Rogan
Jun 17

I always think I'm going to spell her name wrong. I hate it when I spell peoples name incorrectly. Lili Viner-Benge Nailed it! I've never had to say it out loud other than the Lili part. I always end
Shonty Rogan
Jun 4

She told me that her friends say she looks like Taylor Swift. I guess I can kinda see that. One of my other photographer friends "The Von" said she looked like Scarlett Johansson. I agree with that mo