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Shonty Rogan
Jun 4




She told me that her friends say she looks like Taylor Swift. I guess I can kinda see that. One of my other photographer friends "The Von" said she looked like Scarlett Johansson. I agree with that more. Janey has just turned 18. She came to a collaboration I ran with 50 other people and she smashed it. I'm drawn to people who are driven and she has goals to become a model on the cover of Vogue. I can see that happening so I said I'll happily be a part of her journey. This is her fourth shoot. She is going to grow fast. If she doesn't make it then somebody fucked it up.

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  • Shonty Rogan
    Aug 19

    We rented out this book a bach in Napier when some friends and I drove up from Wellington to shoot the Hawkes Bay models. In the lounge was this retro lamp and all the other tidbits seemed to fit the outfit that Nicole was wearing. She's an amazing model anyway and we had a lot of fun. Model - Nicole Nirvana Designer - Forgotten Lockett
  • Shonty Rogan
    Jun 17

    I always think I'm going to spell her name wrong. I hate it when I spell peoples name incorrectly. Lili Viner-Benge Nailed it! I've never had to say it out loud other than the Lili part. I always end up calling people babe anyway. It just comes out. Probably one of the easier shoots I've had to do. She had all the outfits that she needed shot; and, she had shot so much she knew her poses, expressions and angles like clock work. It's a privilege to see that happen. I just have to get my lighting together and push the button on the camera. Model - Lili Viner-Benge
  • Shonty Rogan
    Jun 6

    This image is so powerful. I can actually feel the story in it. I love that my friends can adapt so quickly to an environment. I shot more than 40 portraits the day I took this. Each of them taking no more than 5 minutes. The woman in this photo is Piimio Mei, an actress/model who was up for her portrait when Te Manava walked past us dressed like Kratos or some pissed off Viking. We got him to jump in and he assumed the position. Piimio brought her worried face out and completed the photo quite nicely. It took less than five minutes. Models - Te Manava Syme Buchanan and Piimio Mei Designer Male Fur - CK Film Design Designer Female Headpiece - Black Widow Fascinators HMUA - Nicola Robinson Male Headpiece - Paul Whitham